Sooty spark plugs - running rich?

Somewhat poor performance and plugs were sooty. I bought Magnacor wires from Factory. Performance

increased immediately. We cleaned plugs with nylon bristle brush and went on 20 mile drive.

BTW we also had a pro adjust the AED and she starts on a touch of the button.

Pulled plugs and they looked like this, one might think we were running rich as I do. Car pulls like a freight train from 1,000 RPM to 4,500. I ran Gunson test and the colors were perfect. Here are pictures of 5 out of 6 plugs. Would a longer trip bring these plugs to the proper grey color? Angela ran the engine to 4,500 on most shifts. She
is nervous driving stick and worries about having an accident in my baby. I told her to drive it like she stole it! I can’t drive for two months as I broke my neck! Google Adontoid Fracture. I’m lucky to be alive after falling down 3 concrete steps.


Still have to figure out why sometimes pressing the button only gives a click like a dead battery. Subsequent pressing of the button results in normal starting. This has a BRAND new high torque starter and this was the problem why we changed the starter last year and we regretfully may not have actually needed to change the starter. It was a marriage bonding experience as we did not remove the console as later noted in the forums. Poor Angela was lying across the engine holding that one bi&*th of a nut in place.

Sorry if pictures are out of order, I hit the wrong key at one point.


Not with unleaded fuel. Your plugs look pretty much as I would expect. If it runs ok and the Colortune looks ok I’d leave it. If you can get access to a CO meter (Gunson make one) aim for 4.5 to 5% CO.

Odontoid peg fractures are nasty. You are one lucky man.

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good to hear you are a survivor, the only thing i’d suggest is side gaping the spark plugs, plugs have a better spark and run cleaner (yes i do run side gaped plugs), i have an article on it (written by a fellow jag owner) on my site library>>>

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I did not even know it was broken until after the radiologist called my doctor with urgency and requested multiple MRI’s.

Gotta wear this brace 24/7 for 2 months. Very hard to sleep and I can’t drive. Taking Vicodin for the pain. Gotta be careful with addictive opioids.

I’ll look into that CO tester and perhaps buy it when Angela is not looking.



I’ll watch some videos on side gapping. We do use a feeler gauge and also one of those circular gauges to .25. I’m running Petronix and flame thrower coil; 40,000 amps

Every time I download one of your links, I get a warning that it might not be secure. Not sure why that is happening. Perhaps ,y Firefox firewall is being overprotective. YOur articles are coming in as .pdf.

the site is very safe, no hidden crap there & my site server is very secure…all articles are PDF and downloadable…my doctor refused to prescribe any opioids after my major opps, …over the counter meds worked ok for me…the good thing is you can tell us about it…hang in…your partner will be chasing you around the bedroom in no time… :sunglasses:

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My god, it’s my neck not the love bone!!!

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Is this what you are talking about:


Mine’s a Gunson G4125 but yours looks similar.

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