Sound and heat deadening material

Have reviewed several threads about different sound deadening materials that also offer heat protection. Currently our 120 FHC has nothing under the carpets. Is there a favored material? Will it affect any evaluation of the car in the future? Mainly looking for something that would work best in the interior.


If you are not concerned about deviating from the original, I used an insulation and sound deadening product that I purchased in a roll from one of the major performance vendors in the U,S. I found it easy to cut and used it against the firewall, floor and transmission tunnel beneath my replacement carpet set. It has foil on one side and a felt like material on the other and when place foil-side down I found it quite effective in insulating against cockpit heat.


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Do you have a name for the product?

I thought it was an overseas product its expensive and you can buy cheaper versions

Use Dynamat on the interior sheet metal of your vehicle to stop vibration and reduce road noise. Add a Dynamat brand thermoacoustic liner- such as Dynaliner, DynaPad, or DynaDeck to fight


I believe I purchased it from Summit Racing if you check their website you’ll probably find it.


Found a product made by Koolmat located about 50 miles from us. It is fiberglass laminated to silicone and accomplishes sound deadening and heat blockage. They have a kit for XK 140 which should work on our 120. If there is a mismatch, they are willing to cut me another piece if I can supply the pattern.

To follow up on Koolmat, picked up the kit today and met the delightful owner. Looks like a great product. She, also, has material that will go on the outside of the transmission tunnel underneath and some that will be placed against the door skin to deaden booming. The silicone fiberglass sandwich is her own patented invention and used in the past by a lot of NASCAR cars.