Source for 6.40x15 tires?

Hi All

I read through the extensive archive about tire choice and checked the websites of various vendors here in the U.S. for Dunlop RS5 (6.40x15) alternatives. Can someone tell me where to buy tires with that format? So far I could only find a Firestone tire of that size. I am replacing my set of Dunlop RS5 on my '63 OTS for age reason and I would like to maintain the original visual appearance. I am aware of the 185x15 alternatives but I prefer the cross-plus. Any recommendation is much appreciated.

Try Sasco:

Thanks. I emailed them. Could not find the correct size on their website.

A couple of choices from Universal Tires:

Universal Vintage Tire (


Thanks Tom! Yes this is the Firestone tire I found. I guess if I do not want to go with a whitewall, it is either this or the Avon.

Also contact Longstone Tyres in the U.K.

And don’t be intimidated by the shipping…it’s quick and reasonable.


Thanks I checked their website. No tire 6.40x15 available

Hi Stephan,
I am also looking for a 6.40x15 bias ply tire. I am looking at the Avon Super Safety in that size. Both Coker and Universal carry them but are on back order until May. Longstone does carry them and I have a note into them on availability and shipping cost to the US


did you look at the Firestone? At least from a visual perspective it is coming close to the Dunlop. Do you have any info how others rated this tire?


Stephan, I didn’t look at the Firestones as I was looking for the most period correct tire I could find and these are British manufacture.

I just wonder if somebody has actual driving experience with the Firestone. I am still debating which tire to purchase. Thank you for your feedback.