Source for a 1990 XJS A bank head

(Ptipon) #1

Anybody know of a source where I can find a refurbished left, A bank head? I have been waiting for Coventry West to come up with one for almost 2yrs. Any leads that I can follow-up on will be greatly appreciated.

(Paul M. Novak) #2

The left bank is the “B” bank and the right bank is the “A” bank when viewed from the driver’s seat.


(chris gruchawka 1988 XJ-SC) #3

Check SNG?!/English/FindParts/Families/XJS/7/37/3197/2696/12031/1/10/1/viewassembly/7208/:CYLINDER%20HEAD%20ASSEMBLY-5.3%20LITRE

(Dr.Quail/ Jon Wallace) #4

Contact me offline and I may be able to help, best, JW

(Ptipon) #5

You’re right Paul and I know that. Just was not paying attention to my typing.

(Ptipon) #6

Can somebody, anybody tell me how to contact Dr. Quail off line. I have sent him two replies but have yet to hear back. Maybe I’m replying the wrong way.


(Steve) #7

I just sent you a PM with his email address

(Ptipon) #8

Hi Steve,

It has been 7hrs since I received your reply about sending Dr. Qual’s email address to me. No sign of it yet.


(John) #9

You need to google it harder. He’s published this email previously:

(Steve) #10

I can see it in the outgoing (sent) messages. If you open the forum page – in your browser, not in an email – and then click on your “avatar” in the upper right corner, the system will take you there.
If that’s not the case, you should contact one of the administrators for help.

(Ptipon) #11

Hi Steve,

I got it, thanks. Ptipon. I didn’t know one could send messages of the Jag-Lovers site.