Source For Knee Bolster Replacement Clips?

Found out the other day that one of the upper fastening pair of clips on Superblack’s driver’s side knee bolster (well, I guess that’s the ONLY side bolster on a '92) is broken. :angry: Wondered why it had been loose. :thinking: I also thought those clips were metal, but they appear to be black plastic, instead. I have tried sourcing them all over the Internet and from the usual suspects, but seems they are impossible to find used (and Jag stopped making new ones a long time ago :frowning_face: ). One of the usual suspects said he did have a few NOS ones, but that members of a local A-M club bought all of them up recently (who knew Jag and A-Ms shared some of the same parts? :open_mouth: ). Anyone have any ideas? :confused:

look at for the clips. if you need part numbers let me know; and I’ll see what I can find. I’ll need a picture to make sure I’m getting you the part number for the right part. great source for used bits. Also jag heaven.

“SNUG” says they are “unavailable”. :frowning_face: I have ordered parts from Everyday before and they are a good source, although it seems the last couple of times I have tried to order parts from them they were “out of stock” or “unavailable” as well. I guess things are just getting scarcer and scarcer for our XJSes. :grimacing:

can you send me a picture of what you’re looking for? I may have some. I have a bunch of misc parts.

Jag part # BEC-2524. It’s “#5” (“hinge clip”) shown on the diagram below:

Thank you for getting back to me, I looked at the part online, and I don’t have one of those. If I had the dimensions. I could make one out of metal. I’m guessing it’s plastic.

Check this out. is out is out

did find it on ebay in the Netherlands

JagBits actually claims it is on “back order”, but usually I find out that means they just don’t carry a part anymore. :confused: I guess I’ll go with the Netherlands vendor, although the part is 5 Euros + 10 Euros shipping. Don’t have any other choice. I note the vendor says that their part is a “perfect aftermarket replica”. I had wondered why no one is doing that, given how many of these are on the bolsters of all the XJSes (and apparently some A-Ms out there as well). :moneybag: Thanks for letting me know! :smile:

If it were me, I’d make a couple out of aluminium.

Since these parts are listed as NLA - No Longer Available - (I noticed this notation over towards the right side section of the description on the JagBits site), couldn’t they be replicated (after-marketed) by anyone, such as someone with a 3D printer - just a thought. Tex Terry II 1991 XJS V12 Classic Coupe, 1986 XJS V12 Coupe, 2/4/2020 2345hrs EST USA

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Possibly, I guess. Again, maybe something for “JohnJohn” to put together and sell on his Ebay site out of Lithuania. (?) :wink: btw, I did send an email to that vendor asking them whether their aftermarket part is made of plastic or metal. Curious to see which it is.