Source for oil sump return line fitting on aluminum oil pan

I just purchased a nice used alloy oil sump for my '62 Mk2. The pan is missing the fitting that connects the oil return hose to the sump (item #10 in below illustration). On the steel sumps this is brazed onto the pan…on the alloy sump it is a separate item that bolts to the pan. Does anyone know of a source for this fitting? Used or new is fine. The usual vendors don’t seem to stock this. Per SNG the P/N is C21622. The sump itself is P/N C24502.

The eBay seller also included a baffle assembly that is for an E-Type. The Mk2 alloy sump is compete with the exception of the return pipe connection. I assume he thought the baffle went with the Mk2 sump. If anyone is in need of an E-Type baffle (C16741) please contact me.


I take it you know you need to fit spacers , so the antiroll bar clears the sump , they are about 1/2 a inch , need to be 1" with a XJ6 engine !

There is a lot of Jaguar Turbo return pipes on e-bay for under £10 , looks like it would be a easy job to change one to fit a MK2 Alloy Sump , you would just need a longer rubber return hose ! s-l1600%5B1%5D

I’d seen the roll bar spacer topic before but was not top of mind. Thanks for the reminder. Those would be easy enough to fabricate.

On the turbo return pipes on eBay — do you know if the mounting flange is the same?


I would not think so , would need work , or make one from scratch !

Yes, might be another fabrication project. Getting quite proficient at that :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked closely at the sump. Will be a winter project. Probably not that complicated

Just a bolt on job , think the oil pick up pipe is diffrent too !

From my memory, you probably could fabricate the part, use flat aluminum stock to mate with holes on the top of the lower sump and tap the flat stock to take a 45 degree brass elbow. Or weld a 45 degree aluminum elbow.

george leicht
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I have a spare one. Contact me direct at

Pat H

Here’s a picture of my spare

Pat H


Thanks to all of you who have contacted me directly. Pat was generous enough to offer me his spare return pipe, so that problem is solved (thank you again, Pat!). I also had a few requests for the E Type baffles and those will be going to the first requester. Shows the power of the Jag-Lovers community!

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