Sources for Used Hood Cables for X-308

As we all know, these cables apparently were manufactured with some defect in them that they break quite often as a result. :angry: In fact, I’m having an issue with Harlem’s, in that her right (passenger) side latch releases, but not her left (driver’s) side one. I’ve tried pulling the handle while lifting up in that area of the hood at the same time, pounding on the hood in that area (in case it’s the matter of the latch being stuck, e.g. due to lack of lubrication/grease over time), but still no luck. I don’t think the cable has actually come loose or broken, as there would otherwise be 0 resistance at all in it when pulled, which is not the case with mine. ? btw, I know now why the tech that last worked on her (while Harlem was in the possession of others in her original no-start condition) left a long, thick, inflexible metal “wire” inside the passenger area. He apparently found out the trick about going up through that hole located in the wheel arches (after the plastic liner is removed from same) directly below the latch to manually trip the latch with it. :bulb: Unfortunately, I discarded it before I realized its purpose. :crying_cat_face:

Anyway, I have been trying to find a source for a new (or even good used) cable online, but am at my wit’s end. There are no used ones on Ebay, and my used XJ8 parts source located 30 miles east of me says they have not had any in in quite some time - they are (understandably) a fast seller whenever they do have one. I can especially see why, when the 3 or 4 sources of new (OEM) ones want around $170.00+ or so for them, which is nuts, esp. when you don’t know how long they might last either. :money_mouth_face: That really makes no sense when I can readily buy a new cable for my XJS from multiple Jag vendors for under $20.00! :crazy_face:

Any tips on this subject are appreciated … :smile:

Well, after my friend finally got under the wheel arch and was able to pop the driver’s side latch, he gave the cable the best “fix” he could on that side through a bit of jury-rigging, short of getting another ($160+) cable. :bulb: We thought we were good to go, but then when we went to open the hood a few days later, now the PASSENGER side latch is inoperative. wth??? :rage:

When this happened on my 20 yr-old car it wasn’t a snapped cable but a worn/mashed plastic ferrule that let the cable nipple jump out of its latch slot. Once the access holes were made and I could open the latch I replaced the nipple in its slot and squeezed the open ends together to stop it coming out again.