Sourcing a 2.88 diff

Is there anybody who knows where in the EU I can source a complete good 2.88 diff to swap into my 4.2 FHC S1.5. Preferably UK, NL, BE or the likes. I am in the Netherlands. Thanks.

If you haven’t already done so, I’d suggest you post your inquiry on the E Type forum ( ). It is more EU-oriented, while Jag Lovers is more US-centric.

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I found mine under an '82 XJ6.

XJ6 diffs are everywhere. They only sometimes have posi, though, so you need to pay attention if posi is important to you.

What is posi as I don’t know the term

Positraction: a type of (generally) mechanical means to limit differential motion between two driven wheels.

YES a GM word for LSD,(limited slip differentail).
its the same as Jag Power Lok , both DANA design, like Salisbury!
some of the parts will interchange!

These guys.

Get the one with the drain plug (Salisbury), not the Dana.

Probably good advice, but a bit of explanation is in order. What we jag-lovers call the “Dana” is a diff that was only used for a couple of years around 1987. Has no drain plug, and the output shafts are held in with 3 bolts rather than 5. Mechanically, it’s a sound component. Biggest complaint is that it’s somewhat difficult to get parts for, so if it goes bad it’s common to just swap in a Salisbury rather than try and fix it.

The reason Jaguar made the change was that Salisbury was bought out, and their diffs were no longer available. The reason they went back is that the company was eventually bought out by Dana, who were wise enough to put the superior product back into production. So while we jag-lovers refer to the later diffs as Salisbury – they have the drain plug and 5 bolts holding the output shafts in – they are, in fact, made by Dana. And the gear sets used in all of these things are described as “Dana” gear sets.

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My favorite explanation of a posi …


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That and when Joe shows up in court wearing what looks like a circus ringmaster’s tux. The whole movie is a gem.

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Bill - you’re correct on all counts except Marisa’s cat suit was floral, not stripped.

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Internet forums can be hilarious. Try explaining to someone how a question about getting a 2.88 diff in EU has turned into a discussion about Marissa Tomei’s catsuit print. LOL


You say that like it’s a bad thing…:joy:

Not at all! It’s pretty funny. And not atypical. And what makes forums entertaining.

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