"Spare Parts" box delivered with new XK-120 and possibly XK-140 and 150 models

Lots of uncertainties about MROs Karl, but the label is not one of them…
See below, XK120 MRO Label as stuck in rear of XK120 Handbook… typical of Handbook label and their MRO label for XK120s exported/sold new in USA noting the last two Headlamp Bulb entries crossed out/initialed in pencil - given USA market XK120s did not get factory Lucas Headlamps with bulbs, but local USA made sealed beam units…

See also XK120 MRO label, as original to an actual MRO box - note the carboard of the lid revealed where the label is torn…

Maybe the penciled initials are different ???, but otherwise look the same to me…
As far as chronology is concerned, there is the clue of the issues of the XK120 Handbook known to have this MRO label included inside rear cover…

In my handbook collection, the issue dated 1/1/52 (the fifth edition) is earliest one I have that includes this same MRO label. And I have all subsequent issues R.P.3 13/11/52, R.P.4 and R.P.5 (the first/earlier R.P.5) also with this same MRO label (I haven’t checked same penciled initials or not). So that’s at least an indication that this MRO label was used/current Jan 1952 to the last built XK120. I note that post production spare-parts stock Handbooks (the second/later R.P.5 issue), including as sold through USA Dealerships did not have this MRO label, nor of course did any XK120 Handbooks supplied with UK/Home market XK120s…
I do not have any examples of the four earlier issues of the XK120 Handbook ( 1/3/51, 22/9/50, 5/5/50, 30/6/49) with this MRO label, not that that is conclusive as maybe my handbooks are ex UK cars and not USA or other export market cars???
Does anyone know of, or have any of these four earliest issue Handbooks with the MRO label??? Advice please, and a photo if possible…
Any similar chronology from actual MRO boxes is beyond my current evidence - only a couple of XK120 MRO boxes I am aware of reliably belong to a particular Chassis No/dateable XK120, with most being loose boxes of no known origin…

Actually, my comment was not carefully worded for which I apologize. What I was referring to was a mention I thought I read read somewhere recently that the U.S. selling dealers sometimes pasted a revised label on the box to reflect the situation with U.S.legal headlamps being supplied by the dealer.

Perhaps I am mistaken in that recollection.

Sorry for causing confusion.


On a slow day from making luggage, I began cleaning up the shop to find all the makings of the MRO’s Repro Boxes that I produced in the past. Why have these supplies go to waste, so I decided to make another production run of the MRO Boxes.


Hi Taris,
Please put me down for one. I PM’ed my information to you.

When you are ready to sell these please make sure to post the items in the classifieds section, not here.

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I have to laugh the only forum group that has this listing at the top is the XK one!
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In real terms the great discussion on the boxes etc and the knowledge that someone is going to make them leaves other forum users able to make direct contact if this was in the classifieds who goes looking at the classifieds and nobody would ever know.
This advertising thing on the XK forum needs to be reviewed with some common sense!

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