Spare wheel size - 6"?

I’m about to order a set of wire wheels for my 140DHC. I would like to fit the MWS 16x6" wheels, part number XW5764, 60 spoke. Has anyone fitted these, and if so, could someone advise as to whether or not they will fit the spare wheel tray? I am thinking of either 185R16 or 215/65R16 tyres.

Yes I have 16X6 MWS wheels on my XK150.
Went to 205/70 R16 dunlop tyres. ( 185 is to narrow for 6" )
And I used an old wirewheel for the spare, wit 205/70 R16 tyre.
Even this way it is a little bit to high for the sparewheel tray, but you can get it closed.
With the wider rims you can not close the lid anymore.

Peter Jan

Thanks Peter Jan,
Do you mean that your spare wheel is a 16 x 5? The 16 x 6 won’t fit in the spare tray?

Yes 16 x 6 with wider tires spare wheel lid wont close which could mean boot lid wont shut.
I would have said 185 on a 6inch rim was allowable

Thanks chaps - so is it the tyre that stops the spare wheel lid closing, or the wheel itself?
Do you think the spare wheel lid would close with a 16 x 6 wheel wearing a 185?