Special tool 204-293 ball joint splitter


I am about to change out the right front wheel hub, and reading the manual I need a special tool 204-293 to split the ball joint.
I can find it online, costs about £155/$220. I have looked at more generic ball joint splitters, but they all seem a bit too small.

Does anyone know a tool that works but isn’t that steep in price, or if soḿeone has the tool, if I could ask for some measurements?



The width and depth of the claw is of interest.

Two big hammers one held against the side of the Bj and the other to hit the opposite side, just loosen the Bj nut first.

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Yeah that’s pretty much what I did. Didn’t use any special tool at all.

Don’t know if it’s done where you live, but here, in USA, some of the above parts retail stores rent the tool set, which contains different shapes and sizes, for a very low costs - some even have a “loaner” program for the cost of the set, then you are refunded all your money on return - think it is a marketing plan to hopefully have you purchase the new parts - such as the ball joints, from them.

Thanks for the suggestion, if I don’t find anything I’ll try that :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I haven’t heard about any such program here :confused:

I do hear about such things on American YouTube channels and such. A bit jealous actually :smiley:

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Simple scissor ball joint separator always worked for me. A little touch up with grinder may be needed to clear larger rubber boots but that is a one time only mod.

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How does that trick with the two hammers work?

By supporting one side of the BJ with a mass (heavy hammer) the hammer blow tends to distort the taper on the BJ sufficiently to release it.

Bought 2 different tools, none of them work.

Only opens 45 mm, which is about 5 mm too little, or so. I’ll try and grind it.
Claw opens 19 mm, this is sufficient.

I just can’t get it into position.

I have tried hammering, perhaps I am not hammering hard enough, no give at all.
Still stuck with the b…d

I have ordered a fork, perhaps it’ll work.

So, an update.

I used the fork and a bit bigger hammer to remove the wheel hub assembly from the lower ball joint. It really stuck on there.

I used this kit

Removing the upper ball joint was jolly good fun, it went as expected, not too hard, not too difficult. The kit had the proper stuff in it.

The lower ball joint was a lot of work. The kit didn’t have a good size tube for the job. I used the largest one, and damaged it in the process. I used a 2 foot breaker bar and pulled as much torque on it as I could muster. To no avail.
Took the tool away, heated it up with a butane torch. Tried knocking it out with a hammer. No give.
So, heated it up again, assembled the tool around the ball joint. Put as much torque on it as I could, and then some. Then started tapping the bolt. Suddenly it gave way with a snap. Same procedure again, torquing and tapping, again it snapped. Then I could wrench it out with a regular ratchet. I am glad I got it out, and visual inspection shows no damage done to the lower arm.

I put so much torque I actually bent the C clamp a bit out of shape. Not much, but I can’t put the screw back from the “opposite direction”. It won’t thread back into the hole from that direction.
To summarize - You might need more force than expected :slight_smile:

So, now I just need to buy a tool kit to do the installation.

Stubborn little things.

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