Speedo cable routing MKIV

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I have fitted a new speedo cable to the gearbox, and was going to route it from the drive then under the gearbox tunnel and out through the hole for the gearbox oil filling aperture, but I pulled it out again thinking the gearbox will get hot and possibly melt the cable
What would be the optimal route for the speedo cable to the dash, anybody got experience with this ?

The SS is different in having wooden front front boards but the speedo cable is under the floor and enters the front of the chassis cross member and exits out the top if I remember correctly.


You should find a small hole in the floor panel forward of the pedals. This is the route it takes vertically up the firewall (covered by the carpet panel) and behind the scuttle masking board to the back of the speedo. I haven’t been under it for years but I am sure it passes through a hole in the cross member after leaving the gearbox. Make sure it is clear of exhaust, pedal motion, brake rods, etc.

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I have routed it through the hole in the chassis cross member , but then could not find a route past the gearbox cover, I will look for a hole near the brake pedals or make one to make it come up the fire wall

Thanks for the input, much appreciated

Mine runs up behind the kick panel on the right hand side of the gas pedal, then above the steering column and over to the speedometer.

For rhd models, there is a small mouse hole cut out in the floor board at its leading edge where it meets the toe board/firewall. This hole is in front of the brake pedal and aligns with a similar hole in the floor board support flange at the bottom of the bulkhead. It means that to change the cable, the floor panel comes up - with any other related bits.

The cable then tracks similar to Rob’s, ie over the steering column.

Thanks Guys
Found the cut out and a cable support where it used to run behind the fire wall and now installed correctly
Cheers and merry Christmas to all

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