Speedo Removal on 64 3.8 S type

Hi There, I have a bad rattle coming from under the dash that cannot be traced and the suggestion is that it is the speedo cable. Does anyone have some tips on how to remove the speedo for a 1964 3.8S type? I need to access the speedo cable to try and lubricate it or replace it. Any tips on any of the above appreciated. Thanks Mark.

How about if you take the inner cable out , that would be easy , disconnect from gearbox , and pull it out , refit and go for a test run , see if rattle is still there or gone , you can oil the inner cable up once out !

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You need to reach up from under the dash to undo the cable, rather than oil I would use a graphite powder on the cable.

I thought that the usual way to pull the inner cable out was from the speedo end but I could be wrong. Clarification?

Do I need to remove the speedo from the dash do you think? Or can I disconnect the cable blind, reaching behind the dash?. If I pull the inner cable out at the gearbox end, I assume you are saying it can be pushed back through OK with a bit of graphite lube added? The clock and trip meter have stopped working so I am tempted to take a look at these issues at the same time anyway so hints on how to remove the speedo are welcomed.

Should be the same as a Mk2. If the above fixes don’t work and you want to remove:

disconnect the odometer adjusting cable from the underdash panel and remove the panel.
reach under the dash and disconnect the cable from the speedo.
disconnect the dash lights from the speedo
loosen the two knurled nuts on the back of the speedo - you should be able to rotate the leg that acts as a clamp to the back of the gauge board out of the way. There may be a ground wire. If so, you will need to disconnect.
the speedo should then come forward and away.
Sounds pretty simple, but not the most fun job.

You may well be right John , I have never took one out , just thought as it come out it would be from either end :thinking:


If you are trying to prove the noise source, why not just disconnect the cable at the gearbox end and go for a drive? If the noise disappears you know where the problem is generated.

To remove the speedo, disconnect the battery, locate the dash top holding studs, remove the nuts with a socket and extension and lift off the dash top.

I seem to remember on the β€œS” Type that you have four studs accessible via the drop down centre panel and one at each end, adjacent to the β€œA” pillar for which you need the socket extension. To replace those end nuts, you need to place some spare nuts in the socket and then position your holding nut.

Removing the top dash panel will provide fairly clear access to remove the speedo. I have a feeling that you need to remove the RPM counter initially before removing the speedo head.

Here are some pictures of the rear of a rhd '65 S instrument fascia that might help. You could try just disconnecting the cable at the speedo and do a test drive. If the cable is the culprit, the noise will still be there but it will be different.