Speedo Transducer Wires

Anybody know a good source for those 2 prong trailer plug connectors that Jaguar seemed to use everywhere?

The ones they sell in the auto parts stores are a wee bit small.

I need to splice one into my speedometer wires that go to my speedo transducer on the transmission.



Did you check at your local U-Haul place - they usually carry those ends on a pigtail wire.

I think im just going to buy some more modern decent 2-wire connectors that click and wire them into both sides.

Don’t know what you mean by “click” - remember you want a “waterproof” type connection to minimize water conduction across terminals.

There are a lot of 2 wire waterproof connectors out there that click rather than plug.

I’ll wire to transducer too. If transducer ever needs replacing again, it will need to be spliced with the new connector.

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Will try to Google “click” type since just not comprehending - thanks.

There you go

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Hello Robin - search Google to no avail for “click type” connector, then returned here to ask Greg for more description, as I had never heard that terminology used in approx. 65 years of wiring experience, and I see your post of the fitting with the lock tab - didn’t realize this had the nickname of “click type” connector - thanks - so yes Greg, I see your point in upgrading to this newer type connector if possible to get for the correct wire gauge used for the transmission transducer.

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I think the keys was using waterproof in the search bar.

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Good idea.

My only reservation is that some of the locking connectors can be frustratingly difficult to unlock when the need arises…especially after the plastic hardens a bit with age and heat. The press-to-release tabs get very stiff.

If you change your mind (and I’m not suggesting you should) the “trailer plug” style as you pictured really isn’t all that bad. With a smear of grease on the pins you’d probably be OK for umpteen years.


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I actually would prefer sticking to stock/oem plugs. But this 2 prong style is sold today only as a ‘trailer plug’. They are the same size metal prongs, BUT the plug on our cars is slightly bigger, with the two connections about 1/16" further apart. If i plug the two different sizes together, the two male poles must angle out a bit, which I’m afraid will bend/break them.

I went to NAPA, and they didn’t have a clue.

Is there any cheap electrical part for our cars that comes with the same size plug that I could buy?

Otherwise, I’ll be forced to splice in the two smaller trailer plugs (which quality ain’t that great I can tell), or a more modern waterproof two prong clicking plug of higher quality.

How about an old distributor pick up? Jaguar or older Mopar…

Ooo, yeah! I forgot about those. I’ll check. Thanks.
And yes, the plug for our distributor pickup is exactly the same size.

Mopar…good idea. Much cheaper than our $140 Lucas one!
Found a Standard Motor LX102 pickup coil for $25. Kinda expensive for just a plug, but this is one place I feel like going OEM. :slight_smile: If I or next owner ever needs to replace transducer, plug and play.

Appreciate all the help…the cheapish pickup coil ended up being the right size, but the female plug is 2mm too shallow, so wont seal. Doh.

I am just going ahead and splicing in these Delphi plugs. Anybody recommend words of wisdom if permanent plug going to speedo should be male or female?

6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other.


The rule is you put the one with the more exposed terminals and more prone to short-circuiting by accident to the component side and the more protected one to the source side.

Technically speaking, the component side here, is the hot side (kind of)

Blows that theory up, I think.

Technically speaking you are (kind of) correct, but the rule still stands.