Speedometer drive bullet

G’day all… I was wondering if anyone can tell me is it possible to pull the speedo drive bullet with the transmission in situ? Any tips?


Answered my own question… the “O” ring can be changed easily but it looks like to change the seal, one would need to add a hole to the side of the tunnel to allow the bullet to come out far enough…

A popular hack:

The cleaned up version:

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Thanks… for the pictures… always makes it easier!!

Yes you can do it. I just did it on a 4.2 swb, you need to unbolt the transmission mount, stabilizer and push the gearbox over. It’s still close and the driven shaft needs to be all the way within the outer part. If there’s a will there is a way.

Thanks … I went the extra hole route!!

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A MUCH better solution to the poor Jaguar design.

I absolutely hate drilling holes but this is one me and the owner agreed we would be okay with. Nice rubber plug and it looks like what they should have done at the factory.

But it can be done without the hole, for the next guy that needs to change the seals and doesn’t want to drill.
Both seals were kaputt by the way as the speedo cable was absolutely full of oil and there was a big external leak as well. The lip seal came out easily with the right size bolt to thread into and a socket. I have read that this could be difficult but it’s all straightforward.