Speedometer Gauge Removal


I have a 1971 XJ6 series 1 LHD and I am having difficulty removing my speedometer. I have visited other posts regarding this topic and aware of the method of wearing latex gloves, firmly pushing the gauge towards the dash and spinning counter clock wise.

This method worked and I was able to remove my tachometer. The speedometer however will not budge. I been at it for over an hour to the point of getting blisters on my hands. Any advice for removing a stuck speedometer would be greatly appreciated!



Hey Gary, was where you are a few months ago. Tried the duct tape roll (at the right point of depletion) to push and turn, but it was like hitting a wall. Finally resorted to getting the smallest needle hypodermic needle I could find, filling with WD40, and carefully injecting at various clock points at the gap between the dash wood opening and the gauge casing. Gauge spun out easily after that. For some reason, tach’s remove without all this fuss.


Hi Gary,

If the plastic mounting ring that’s screwed to the back of the dash is broken this can effectively lock the instrument in. I would take off the dash top (simple job) to get a better look. It may also be hung up on the speedo drive…….

The three spigots on the speedo case are in exactly the same radial positions as on the tacho so check you can push in against the spring at these three points……. unless they are all pushed in it won’t let go!

Good luck !

1973 S1 DDS

@jagged1 and @MikeB thank you for the advice! I will give it another go this weekend and update the forum!

If anything else fails, remove the top of the dash and this will give you easy access to the rear of the speedo.

Thank you for your comment. I will give it a try this weekend.

Thanks again for everybody’s help! It was really stuck on there and I had to twist it from the back while a friend’s simultaneously twisted it from the front! But it’s off now. Thanks again!