Speedometer needle

I know i should put this on classified, but I’m starting here cause i know the XJS owners are here.

I broke the tip off my speedometer needle. They aren’t sold new, or I can’t find. Anybody have one laying around? Or a broken speedo?


Man, I hate it when I do things like that!

Welsh Enterprises has several parts cars.

Can yours be repaired? A thin wire or light aluminum glued on the back side? Probablg a dumb idea, just thinking out loud on a public forum. :rofl:

I do have a good needle on my flakey speedo, and the broken needle was on my newish good speedo. So i just need to transfer. But i had to pry so hard (with a fork) to get broken needle off, I’d like to have a backup needle in case i break the good one when prying off. These are 36 year old parts!

Just thought I’d check here before i ‘go for broke’

I have a speedo for an XJS but don’t remember what year.
You can have it for postage plus 10 if you want it.
PM me for any details or questions.

Thanks! I am hoping to swap over the good needle within the next week. If i screw up, I’ll contact you, if that’s ok.

Greg - I experienced the needle breakage also - I was able to use a dab of super glue to put it back together - here are two pics - one showing the break and one showing the repair - Tex.

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No problem, just let me know.

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