Spell check has stopped working

Spell check has recently stopped working for me on this site. Is it me or you?

I’m tryin to type rong and all of Dees words r eyether beein underlyned for spelchekkin or auto corrected. What browser r you yousing?

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Hi Erica - Google Chrome Is it a browser issue?

Trying now on Gugle Krome and it seems to be the same, underlynes where they should be and auto correct wen it can. I right klik on the underlynes and it’s showin the best choices.

Is your Chrome spellcheck working on other websites? Gunner will have to confirm, but I can’t see how that function could be disabled by the server. It does capture editing window input as you type, and remarkably can present it back to you even before committing the transaction if you open the thread on an entirely different device. But I’m not sure how spell check could be prevented.


You had me wondering, so I had to check. No, there is no spell checker built into the Discourse forum software. When someone asked about his, the developers replied that they rely on the browser for that.

So, this has to be a local issue with your browser or computer setup.


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GunnAr confirms. The server/forum software does not mess with the spell checker settings in your browser or operating system.

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Spell check missed that :smiley:

I’ll go there. Thanks kids!