Spelling, was [xj] Hydrolic?

Agree 100% Mark.

StuartD, c c caught m m me stuttering. Some of us just have to reread
more than once, I guess. {:o]–
79xj6L SII
Menlo Park, Calif.

Mark Stephenson wrote:

Actually, IMHO, it is far more important for archive searches, although I
feel the same as you about proper usage.


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Phenolic/phenaulic, bucholic/buchaulic… – isn’t English fun?! I hope
my opinion on spelling wasn’t misinterpreted. I simply feel that if we
have something worthy to say, particularly in writing, we should take
the time to reread and care for grammar and spelling, especially if
others for whom English is a second language (we all feel that way
sometimes of course) will read it. I’d hate to to lead a non-English
speaker in spelling or phrasing something that will cause them a problem
later. Now, if someone’s not good with English, no big deal, others
will be able to tell he/she is trying.

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