Spin off oil filter- need shorter one

Hi, looking for a shorter spin off oil filter version of Ryco Z113.
Fitted a 1975 4.2 oil filter housing (points up) onto 2.4 and don’t have the room for the above filter.
Thanks again for your help.

Is the threaded nipple on that mount 1"-12tpi, same as other XJ6 4.2 mounts?

This is the shortest 1"-12tpi filter in the WIX catalog. I don’t know what diameter base you need. You can search the WIX filter data base by dimensions.



Looks like you can do the same for Ryco, which is not a brand I’ve seen sold in North America.


Thanks Mike, will put the numbers into ryco page

On my S-type I have WIX 51335.
Short and wide filter.

Peter Jan

I don’t know if it’s the same threads etc. but my Mk2 has a spin on filter that’s extremely close to the frame rail. The only filter that fits is Napa 1335 it’s REALLY short.

engine bay MK2 and S-type are the same, so WIX 51335 should work fine.

Peter Jan

Thanks guys, equivalent is Ryco Z71

No it’s not, that one is 3/4 inch thread, had to buy wix 51519, 1 inch thread from US.