Splash shields/mudshields RH order of assembly

Hi all,
Do I need to take the Air canister and plenum out AGAIN to install the RH mudshields?

And It looks like It would be best to put the bottom shield, then the forward smaller shield and the large one with the rubber flap last.

And there is another rubber flap; where does that go?


Sorry to say, but yes… I think the only way you can get your rivet gun in and at the correct angle is to have those out of the way. At least that’s what I did.
This Martin Robey diagram may help:
and this forum link:

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Nice pic thanks.

Anyone have a pic of this part “in situ”:

If you are looking for a photo that shows where it fits, this one may help:

It was taken on my S2 before a bunch of other stuff was installed, so doesn’t reflect what it will appear like when the whole car is assembled.

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Thanks, Dave.
Now I have half a chance of getting it in.

I’m not being critical or picky, but shouldn’t that be painted black?

Probably. I was trying to simulate 2 years of wear - it only took that long for all the thin runny black paint to fall off the unprimed aluminium… :grinning:


can anyone tell me if the speednuts on this piece should be clipped onto the car at sill panel under air cleaner canister instead of the shield?

I might have just put them on the shield during disassembly so they wouldn’t get lost