Spoiler for 420G

I have seen some pics of the 420G with what looks like a chin spoiler. Does anyone know of such or have close up pics of these spoilers as I would like to replicate them for my car?

Found this !thQN3I8UI2

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the 1st pic, that car somewhat fits the description of a poster from this site…Micah ?

I have seen it pic with Golden Gate Bridge in background

black MKX, big wheels, somewhat customised, beautiful car, did not have a spoiler in Golden Gate pics

2nd pic, white car, that is the factory panel, which is a flat detachable sheetmetal panel,
held on by screws, so good for mounting any custom-built fibre glass spoiler

Much appreciated!i I love the looks of the black mk10, but will probably try something that looks like that of the white one.

Is yours missing that factory panel ?

see Factory Parts Manual for an illustrated diagram

It gets pretty beat up & rusty, I panel beat & repainted mine

It would be easy to reproduce in sheetmetal, as it is totally flat, held by sheetmetal screws
(holes will be visible on yr car)…cutouts for bumper.

The only thing a bit tricky, is it has a flange all around to give it stiffness, could be hand formed with a dolly & hammer

Thanks Tony, I stripped down 2 of these cars to make one, and neither of them had this panel on. The owners probably also took it off at some stage because of its condition.

You can also carefully use a plasma cutter or air grinder to cut out air intake ducts behind the faux horn covers. Just don’t cut the hinge mechanisms!


I was thinking about doing that but was not sure how to do it as the bonnet has double metal on the inside. Never could understand the reason for having these grills on these cars anyway.

Drill a couple of pilot holes first and take this opportunity to buy a plasma cutter. I want one for my birthday! Do you have Eastwood Automotive or Harbour Freight stores? They have decent models:


Huge man/women toy store!


Harbour freight might be world wide?


We joke and say that their “freebie” batteries are filled with sawdust! (Cheap)


If u dont have it, I can paste a plate from the Parts Manual, shows the panel

As well, I have a wreck 5 minutes drive away, think it still had that panel, unsure on condition,
if so, I can take pics. That car is destined for complete dismantling

Thanks Tony, i would really appreciate a copy from the parts manual at this point!

item 16 part num BD.22448 “cover plate on underframe crossmember”

the part is flat sheetmetal (with flange as seen in illustration)

I should know, as I was not satisfied with my initial repair job, once finished in glossy 2pac, any dings are highly visible from the front, so I took it off, and did it again

btw, check out that “underframe crossmember” for rust very carefully…road dirt gets trapped there, and I found a small patch of corrossion, which I MIG welded a patch. not easy to find, rusts from the inside

And you can weld some 1/2" “U” bars to 2 & 3 in about the middle of that stretch where they kick up to the bumper, adding two towing/tiedown loops. Pick your location while it is still fitted to the car.

If you don’t want to modify an original part you can make doublers to achieve the same goal All you need to do to fit them is source some longer bolts. Here’s mine for the S-Type before drilling the second hole and painting:

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Thank you Tony and Andrew, you guys have given me very good ideas and information!

nice work Andrew, it isnt easy to tow one from the front

@ the OP…I would be really surprised if both your cars have that panel missing, unless they had been partly dismantled before you got it.

regarding the crossmember…I think both the bumper and bonnet have to be off to do a good inspection…with a sharp panel beaters hammer!..its pretty thick metal, but there is openings where mud can get in and sit

Oh, NO!! Not my car. No moods to my '63 except for the '17 wire wheels. I like to keep the classic look.

Home made front spoiler, friend Steef made a mold so he can make more. Send me a mail if interested.

I didn’t even realize there was supposed to be a panel there. I wonder if they removed them when air conditioning was fitted. There was a second condenser fitted under there. Thanks for posting, mine is missing. I will pm you.