Spot / fog lights

Hi everyone , Just a quick one on the fog / driving lights , is there a pre - wired plug on the xj40 1988 anywhere on the front of the car , just got some hella lights and wanted to know . If not will need wire them in myself . thanks all . Mark.

Yes there should be a yellow connector each side behind the front valance with a Red/orange and a Black wire ready to plug in to your spots. The Black wire of course goes to ground, the Red/orange wires are the feed from the respective front BFMs

Thanks Bryan , will have a search tomorrow and see how we go .

The fog light half of the yellow connector should have a resistor wired into it to prevent the bulb failure circuit from activating. I was able to remove the resistor and wire my new fog lights using the original yellow connectors.

OK ,Thanks Jamie , will keep an eye out for that .

Bryan , another question , found the plugs , now i assume the wiring is complete to , for want of a better phrase , plug and play ? mark

Yes - providing you remove the “dummy load” already mentioned you should be able to “plug and play”

Hi guys, ive wired day time LED running lights to these connectors on my 91 Daimler, thing is ihave no on off switch?

Interesting! I would have thought a Daimler would have a fog light switch fitted standard?

Thanks Bryan , yet again you’ve been a help.

Jamie , where is the resistor wired in ,so i can remove it .

Yes, only a blank spot, just wondering if wiring would be there to connect to a switch? If wiring is at front, shuld be at switch position, obviously a top spec option one had to specify


My memory is not as good as it used to be, but I thought that the ‘resistor’ (or ‘dummy load’) was plugged in to that yellow connector to fool the BFM in to thinking a bulb was plugged in to avoid a ‘bulb fail’ warning on the dash.

Bryan , OK , will have to investigate that , no plug in the connector . Maybe the PO had done something to it . Baffled now , hahaha .

Bryan, You are correct. I bought my 1990 XJ6 new and fitted the Hella fog lamps and it was just a matter of removing the resistor plugs and connecting the fog lamps. I do not recall taking the interior switch panel apart so I believe the switch was already there.

Well Daimler is Top Spec, isn’t it? Weird that you have a blanking plate, should be wires under there, pry it up or open up the unit and have a look, if so, pick up a switch and replace the blank I guess?

Or maybe you don’t get fog in Oz?

Mark, If the other half of the yellow connector is gone in your car, then the resistor is also gone as it’s part of that connector.

Wrong country, Gordon is in NZ the better one, nothing is trying to kill you here, apart from the roads, actually its not the roads its the idiots that can’t drive. And no in the context of fog we get heavy mist which in no way can be compared to the fogs I used to see in the UK in the late 50’s and 60’s.
And when I had my ‘40 I positioned the fog lights to shine on the centre line and kerb and was promptly told by the WoF station that I had to have them shining straight to ahead.

oops sorry flags were awol earlier today …