Spraying over 3M Schutz

(Steven) #1

Just got a call from my paint guy and he was about to spray the 3m Schultz over the epoxy primer on the bottom, but he said the can says to not top coat. Any recommendations on this?

(Bill 1970 S2 DHC) #2

I just read the data sheet, supposedly not paintable. They suggest another product if to be painted.

(Mike Milton) #3

lizardskin https://www.lizardskin.com

(Nick Saltarelli) #4

You need 3M 08964 body schutz. Paintable. I’ve used it on the underside and wheel wells of my E before shooting colour over it. No problem.

(Steven) #5

I used lizard skin for the interior, but was going to use Schultz on the underside bc I thought that’s what everyone uses.

(Clive Wilkinson) #6

3M have several paintable shutz type products.I used one called Ultrra Guard which was perfectly paintable and I’m sure there are others these days. The only problem at the time was that the ultra guard needed a special “no-cleanup” spray gun for the canister.

I would have thought a paint guy would already know what’s paintable and what’s not.

(Clive Wilkinson) #7

Checked my notes. The product I used was 3M 08950 that was recommended by 3M at the time.

From 3M brochure:- “Excellent adhesion to unprimed metal” (although I applied mine over epoxy) “Salt, weather and abrasion resistant, medium to fine texture, paintable-1 hour”.

(Larry velk) #8

You have the correct info from others - most 3M Schutz is paintable. However… it won’t stick (the paint) very well if the epoxy is out of the recoat window. Adhesion is poor if out of the window and you can’t sand the Schutz.

(Steven) #9

Anything better? Are you saying the schultz won’t stick to primer well or paint won’t stickto Schultz if out of recoat window?

(Nick Saltarelli) #10

Epoxy primer overcoat window is maximum seven days, but sooner is better. Schutz needs to be painted before 24 hours after application.

(Bill Bilotti 1966 S1 OTS (in boxes)) #11

hot rod people love it for insulation inside the car

(Geoff Allam) #12

Nick. Did you use the 3m gun and disposable nozzles or were you able to use a normal schutz gun?

(Nick Saltarelli) #13

I used an inexpensive schutz gun purchased at Canadian Tire, Geoff. It’s an Italian made item that worked well. That was about 6 years ago but I think this is the same one still on offer


The 3M can needs to be well agitated before pouring the contents into the gun then sprayed on from a distance of about a foot or so. The advantage of the 3M gun is no cleanup but hard to justify the expense for very limited home resto use. I schutzed and painted the underside of my E in a day and the cheap gun cleaned up well with lacquer thinner.

(Geoff Allam) #14

Excellent. Thanks for the info.

(Larry velk) #15

I have the 3M gun ($$$$), which works well. It doesn’t fit on the U-Pol bottle, however! Fortunately I kept the 3M can and transferred the U-Pol to the 3M can. Maybe the other makers changed so all cans and bottles are the same size now, but best to check.