Spring Washers On XK 140 & 150 Exhaust Manifolds

Are the spring washers used on these XK exhaust manifolds (FG106X) finished in black oxide? Thanks for your help
Gene Kahn

Yes they are finished in black oxide.
FG/106X is a decodable ‘standard’ fastener, and when ‘standard’ there is no specific surface finish specified, thus the normal default black-oxide…
If these spring washers were plated, or some other special/non-standard finish then they would be allocated a C.xxxx prefix Jaguar Part No…


As always, thanks so much Roger

Roger, On the black oxide spring washers, do the have a square or round profile?
Thanks for your help, Gene Kahn


They are square, in section.

Square - as per Paul’s pic…

Great, thanks so much