Spun rear wheel bearing on solid rear axle INPUT asked 4

(Pete55Tbird) #1

I realize this is in the wrong forum but you guys are more hands on. My 63 MK2 needs new
outer wheel bearing seals on the SOLID Dana 44 axle. I pulled the axles to replace the wheel bearing at this time. I found the original Made in England Timkin bearing still in place. The new bearing are NO NAME
bearings. My machinist replaced one but was concerned that the second ( opposite side axle ) has spun
and that axle shaft was undersize.
The RIGHT WAY is buy a new axle. I am cheap.
Another way is to use Locktite 660. The damaged axle is 1.312 INCH at the widest UNDAMAGED part
and measures 1.306 at the narrowest Damaged part. NO BLUEING OR DISCOLORATION .
The NEW NO NAME bearing measures 1.305 INCH at its WIDEST part back and 1.299 at its narrowest part
FRONT ( facing OUT)
The floor is OPEN TO DISCUSSION. Thanks Pete

(Ray Livingston) #2

Sounds to me like the axle is over-sized, compared to the bearing, so it could be turned down to a proper press fit. Worse case, get it welded, then turned down. Though I can’t imagine a good used shaft would cost much at all…

Ray L.

(Pete55Tbird) #3

Ray thanks for the reply. Update to my post. There is a SMALL lip .03 INCH
to the outside face of the bearing TOWARD the taper of the shaft that will come off using emery cloth.
I am NO EXPERT when it comes to installing bearing but my understanding is they require an interference fit and a 20 TON PRESS. So the fact that area where the bearing spun is close will not provide the interference Hence the LOCKTITE 660

Still open to new opinions. Pete.

(Ray Livingston) #4


If it’s one of the ones where the press fit is the ONLY thing keeping the axle in the carrier, I would NOT mess around - get a replacement! It’s no fun having your axle pull out when you’re going around a corner.

Ray L.

(Steve Crumrine) #5

i agree with Ray. it is no fun, and the axle will come out when going straight.

(Pete55Tbird) #6

Thank you. Message received. This setup does have bearing seal retainers that bolt to the axle flange and also serve to hold the outboard face of the wheel bearing
1/8 inch plate stamping so maybe, maybe not. I particularly want to hear from anyone who has used Locktite 660.
Note, a new axle is 200+ GBPs plus shipping.

(John M Holmes) #7

Hi Pete, When i did a complete rebuild on my 1970 “E” I source a whole slew of Timkin bearings.If you look around in the US there are many sources!!