Squeaking rear control arm bushings

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Hi there!

I took my 2002 S-Type (3.0) into a shop I trust to diagnose major squeaking from rear suspension. They told me the “bushings” in the rear control arms were the source of the noise. They were dry but not worn out. They went on to say the bushings weren’t rubber, like normal bushings. They don’t work on a lot of Jaguars so they don’t have many connections for parts. Any idea were I can get these “bushings” and what might be their real name?

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(Eric Capron) #2

Hi Michael,

Jaguar call these parts wishbones and only supply new replacements with the bushes already installed. They are expensive. However, many vendors on eBay sell bush kits. There are three bushes in the lower wishbone and two + a ball joint in the upper wishbone on each side. From time to time I have also seen exchange wishbones offered in the Jaguar magazines.

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(Neil Bennett. Patron) #3

Check against your VIN on the Jaguar Classic Parts site for the Part #s you need.


I wonder if a dose of silicon spray will quieten your squeaks?

(Rob Reilly) #4

I too have put oil on mine because its my daily driver and I’m too busy and too cheap to get new ones. I take the wheel off and use a plastic squirt bottle with a tapered spout and a long hose. It works for a year or two.

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Hi there!

Thank you all for your replies!

I will try lubricating the offending parts first, then check for replacement bush kits if all else fails.

Thanks again!