SS 1 Airline Saloon

I should be very soon the happy owner of one of the surviving SS Airline !
I am tryng to obtain as much informations on thys model such as :slight_smile:
Where there a service manual, parts manual and owner manual for this car.
My car was completely rebuilt by Davenport in UK, but the toolbox is a dummy (fake) one. I would like to correct this in the future. Would someone have drawings or photographs of what it should be like ?
I would like to know where are the other surviving Airlines, owner name, country, chassis number, condition, etc .

Thank you all for help and advices :slight_smile:

Hi Michel,

Welcome to JagLovers.

There isn’t a workshop manual as such but the Instruction Manual is quite comprehensive.

See also: Tool Kit

and The JagLovers Brochure Section in general.


Thank you very much Peter !
About the tool kit, There was a special one for the Airline You could see on the sales litterature ( A rare SS Cars 1935 prestige catalogue very different from the one you you pointed .


Hi Michel,

Sorry about the tool kit link. I don’t actually have any detailed knowledge of the SS1 and Airline. My own SS experience comes from my SS Jaguar. I guess you will probably have come across Paul Skilleter’s “Jaguar Saloon Cars” and also Allan Crouch’s “SSI & SSII Cars” books. Also Barrie Price’s “The Rise of Jaguar”.


Hi Peter,

Just ordered Price’s book, and I have all the others you mention plus a few others !
Tool kits on old cars is always a difficulty. I still haven’t finished my Mark V tool tray (I purchased the car in 2012).
I like your SS saloon very much :slight_smile:


Hi Michel,

Thanks for the kind words re my saloon. There is chapter in the Price book on the SSI and SSII and some photos of Airlines but unfortunately not of the tool kit. There are not a lot of Airlines about. Is yours the very nice cream one in Allan’s book?


No mine is a sort of carmen red ! I will post photo when the car will be delivered by superstition although I already have some :wink:



If you contact me direct on I will be able to help you regarding SS1 Airline Tool Kit. I am in progress of reseaching and writing a dedicated book on SS and SS-Jaguar Tool Kits including the unique SS1 Airline Tool Kit and have a number of good photos and detailed information re tools included. My book is still a long way off publishing, such is the difficulty of the subject matter to get accurate, but happy to share ‘work in progress’


PS. Seems like the ‘fake’ tool-kit, or flat panel secured over boot lid cavity, is a convenient expedient with SS Jaguar, and now also Airline!

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Thank you Roger, I have sent you an email !
I look very much forward your help …


hi there. i have a very old registration document for a ss airline, it was amongst a lot of old paper work we found in a garage we cleared many years ago

Can I ask for the chassis number.

chassis no 243329
21 december 1934
reg no was blp 446
engine number 211403

Probably, chassis n° is 248329 and not 243329 !


ill have a closer look, its written in old hand writing it does look like 3 but could also possibly be 8.


Yes, 243xxx was not used. Here are the first SS1 chassis numbers for each year, from JDHT.
Looks like it fits into the 1935 model year cars, the model year beginning in Sept '34.

Here’s a question. If you were the owner of that Airline or a similar rare expensive model of Jag what value would you place on a document like this or similar?
Perhaps as a percent value of the car? 1% or more?
I personally would pay well for any documentation relating to my car. Especially if it were something as important as the log book.
Regards, Graham

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I suppose it would depend on how much useful or interesting information was on the document.
A title for a '53 Jaguar known to be crushed and melted would be useful for registering a replica C-Type, so that might have some market value.
My '38 SS came to me with a photocopy of a UK log book, but it was not the original issue, so there is a gap in the ownership history from '38 to '56.
I once tried to trace my Mark V in the State of Illinois records, but got back only two owners to about '64.
My XK120 was originally sold to France, but how and when it came to the USA are unknown.
It would be interesting to know about past owners, and I would pay a few dollars for information such as registrations and sales receipts, but I have lived for many years without it, so I guess I can survive.

Thanks Rob.
One reason I asked this is I have dozens of documents relating to Rolls Royce and Bentley cars exported out of the UK in the late 50’s. Most come with photos, condition reports, receipts. Some of these cars I have found on the internet from passing though the auction houses over the years. Some sold between $300k - 1Mil.
One of these RR’s belonged to Sir Malcolm Campbell. I found this cars present custodian and informed them I had these original documents relating to that car. Reply was “I’m not interested in documents”. That’s his choice I guess. A bad one in my opinion. No money was discussed. I just can’t believe historical items like these could be dismissed so easily.
Anyway they may all end up in a great place as I have found, no further than 25 miles away, the ‘Foundation for Sir Henry Royce’ that houses a collection of rare RR cars and engines. I have offered them these documents. (maybe with the exception of the Campbell car’s which I may keep as toilet paper. Australian issue at present)
If anyone finds any early original documentation on my XK120, 669181, NJW427 let me know. I will most certainly be interested in obtaining it.
Regards, Graham

Maybe you should have given him a price straight off, like $10 or 20 or 30 AUD on Paypal and free shipping. Maybe he thought you were fishing for a bigger haul. Campbell is famous enough that I would have thought any classic British car enthusiast would know about him and want provenance on his car. But then there are people that don’t know RR is British.

My '38 SS is 40051 and UK registration KMG273, first owner C. Simon Ltd., in case anyone having documents and searching those numbers should find me someday.

My XK120 is 679187 and UK registration LVC22 and SH Newsome invoice 49764, first owner Robert Lamouret the French ventriloquist.

My Mark V is 627933, Hoffman invoice 27479.

Hi Rob,

I have no doubt that your car was shipped in January 1938 but it’s a little bit strange that your registration KMG appears to be a London registration from March 1939.