SS 2 steering layout

Hi, just wondering if anyone has a sketch or diagram showing the layout of the steering gear on a 1934 SS 2, please? We have the parts but they don’t seem to go together.
thank you

Hi Chris,
Here is the Service Manual.

Maybe if you posted some pictures we can figure it out.
If it is not similar to SS Jaguar and Mark IV, I bet it will be similar to MGTA/B/C.

I would think it will be the same as a Standard 12 or similar as that is where the chassis’s came from.

Here are some pictures from Standard:

Which parts are you having trouble with?


Hi, Peter, Robb and Denis, Thank you all for valuable assistance and suggestions. I wrote on behalf of a member of our NZ SS and Early Jaguar Register. I should have a diagram available in a couple of days. As I understand it the main issue is that with the car’s existing set up, the drop arm fouls the chassis when the steering wheel is turned to the left. There are also non-original ball joints (sealed, modern-type) fitted, although it is hard to see what effect these might have. I’ll post diagram when I have it.
thanks again

Just a guess without pictures, but possibly the drop arm is on upside down.
I found this mistake with a DPOs work on an MGTA, it was actually welded on upside down.

Hi Rob, I’m told that it is a tapered spline fitting - was my first thought too. That is a little odd as I have a vague memory of seeing it described somewhere as a straight spline fitting. It will be interesting to find the answer eventually.

It does appear to be a cone.



Dear All
Our MKIV had the same issue with the Pitman Arm hitting the sump on full left lock.
The Pitman Arm had been fitted one spline out, rectification involved removing the Pitman Arm with the help of Oxy-Acetylene and a hydraulic puller, it was extremely tight.
Put corresponding centre pop marks on the Pitman arm and drop shaft where it is now.
Remove the Pitman arm
Centre the steering, fit the Pitman Arm lightly at first one spline to right from corresponding centre dots.
Try the steering from lock to lock.
Just to make things more accessible I removed the sump first and then replaced it to check the lock to lock.

Thanks to everyone for suggestions.
We have narrowed the problem down to the arc of the Pitman arm. When installed correctly (so far as we can tell) it cannot move far enough to the R before fouling front spring to create enough movement of the wheels to the L. Steering box, linkages etc all appear to be original and correct for the SS2. Two last questions: is anyone able to give us the identifying marks for the correct Marles-Weller steering box please? (Just to check), And is anyone able to provide a measure of the distance between the bottom of the drop arm and the R front spring? (Pitman arm removed). Thanks again

A search of Marles-Weller steering box turns up a lot of images for MGs.

So if you’re sure it’s not on upside down or bent, it looks like you can try shifting it on the splined shaft to where you like it.

I know on Mark V and XK120 there are hash marks on the shaft and arm for alignment.

The part number of the Standard 12 steering box with drop arm is S2955
The box only is S2181.