Ss Jaguar 1.5 1937 Saloon

(Kevin Thorpe) #1

Hi my name is Kevin and have just joined this site .Located in New Zealand and have just become the new owner of an ss 1.5 jaguar. it is missing a couple of items, and so my search begins with a horn ,indicator switch I do believe now that it goes by the name of a Manette and shaft assembly complete,j. So looking for advice tips or if anyone has one as well as a wiring diagram.

Wiper arms and Blades
Air pump ( Wheel )
R/Frt Door window winder handle

Tool kit or loose tools

Kind Regards

(Rob Reilly) #2

Welcome to this fun group, Kevin.
I have a January '38 2.5 which has a non-standard tool kit, and I would love to see a picture of your tool kit wood.
You can post pictures here by clicking the icon with the up arrow in the reply box toolbar.

(Kevin Thorpe) #3

Hi Rob
I would have to take a picture first and then try and upload it . Not very computer savvy my son is, will try my best. It would have to be tommorrow as expecting guests soon.
Thanks for the quick response.

(Kevin Thorpe) #4

Hope this comes through Rob.

(Roger Payne) #5


Can you please advise Chassis Number of your SS-Jaguar.
There is a lot of differences across the 1936 to 1938 period re Lucas matters (wiring diagrams etc) and Tool Kits/Tool Trays. I can help you with most of the variations, just need to focus on what exactly, as just saying a 1937 Saloon may not be enough.

Indeed it would help my detailed research into SS-Jaguar Tool Kits if you could provide photos of your current tool tray and indeed any photos you may have of any tools. Can you please email me direct at and attach photos. What I can provide re Lucas information and Tool Tray/Kits is potentially many MB and far to much to tie up this web site.

Just as a guide - 1936MY and 1937MY have different tool trays, and indeed 1-1/2 litre is different for both relative to 2-1/2 litre. 1938MY to 1940MY have four different tool trays but now the 1-1/2 litre is the same as 2-1/2 and 3-1/2 litre. Above applies to Saloon and DHC. Tourer has a totally different tool tray arrangement, and SS100 actually has a Tool-Roll that is stowed in a metal tool-box underneath the passenger floor, along with Jack, Tyre Pump, Hammer. So chassis number is important, as my MY comments are approximate.

(Ed Nantes) #6

Kevin we have some repro “bakelike” parts for the manette, the base plate and the mushroom shaped horn button , the trafficator sw itself is the same as other SS, the manette only has the short tubes which slide into the long ones in the lower part of the steering box/column
I donlt have all those parts
I’ll take some pics tomorrow and post them.
I would suggest with priorities, the tool kit comes just after polishing the mascot (a lie as the 36/7 really shouldn’t have a mascot) , and checking the tyres and filling the tank when everything else is restored.

(Peter Scott) #7

Hi Rob,

Bear in mind that Kevin’s car is coach built and bears no relation to your car.


(Kevin Thorpe) #8

Thanks for that Ed.
This is a major restoration so just want to make sure that all parts are are available . Not restoring to concourse condition but want it as close to original as possible.The chassis needs doing, Last paint job was done with a brush and interior needs a lot of love.


(Kevin Thorpe) #9

Thanks for the info Ed have e-mailed you regards Kevin

(Ed Nantes) #10

Here are manette pics We have the base part and the mushroom horn button but not a complete maette. The complete unit is one we put together a while ago. The visible mushroom button we paint in two pack which gives that gloss finish.
i think the originals were pretty shiny nd it matches the steering wheel spokes which were shiny.

(Rob Reilly) #11

Yes of course, just collecting info on all tool kits of the era.
Q. was the boot lid the same for 37 coachbuilt and 38 all-steel?

(Kevin Thorpe) #12

Thanks for that ed , Had a look down the strg column shaft and could not see a 2nd shaft so would have to strip out next year and have a look. I did notice that it still has an insert with 2 hook type pieces could be a cancellation piece for indicator.
What would the price be for these please.

(Graham Jordan) #13

Hi Kevin.
Could you post a photo of the car.
Always interested in early NZ Jags.
Regards, Graham.

(Ed Nantes) #14


Had a dig and here’s what I have , It’still a long way to amanette. But they aren’t easy things to find. Do youhaveany of it?
What is shown here is the mushroom button [ the main bit you see, The base that it mounts on and a strafficator switch… which is the same as a Mk IV switch.
The rest you will have to make / source. The dip switch… the local investment foundry make s the lever and I have the posts for it. The trafficator sitch , although the same as a MK IV has/ needs a different lever, Once against the investment casting foundy can cast these in brass.

I would suggest you might not bother with the adv/ret as it adds complication and is not needed with modern petrol
It mighthelp if you could source a damaged one or a damaged Mk IV manette, These parts were made witha view to repairing originals… To give an idea, the mouldings with switch would be about AU$ 200.
Yu would need access to a lathe and 4 BA taps and die.

Note there are 2 bases shown,one with the traff switch , one without.

(Kevin Thorpe) #15

Hi Ed

No i do not have any manette parts, all missing,there is just a mould pressed in that looks like a cancelation device for trafficators. So would need the whole assembly. Tubes ect i believe there are 2 tubes
It would be great if you could supply a few contacts.As i have said before i feel more comfortable knowing i can get all the missing parts for the car before restoration begins.
No chance of any contacts in Adelaide as my wife and i are going over next week for 3 weeks.

Regards Kevin

(Kevin Thorpe) #16

There you go Graham hope this comes out ok.

(Chris Lovell-Smith) #17

Hi Kevin, where in NZ are you located? Are you aware of the NZ SS Register - very useful group. Great newsletter and occasional get-togethers.

(Peter Scott) #18

Hi Rob,

The coach built 1936/37 cars have different sized and proportioned boot lids to ours.


(Ed Nantes) #19

The 1 1/2 litre had a completely different chassis and body from boththe steel bodies cars and the 2 1./2 litre coachbuilt cars. I can’t suggest anyone in Aelaide. There isa vendor on ebay fromAdelaide who lsits SS parts at OUTRAGOUS prices… { eg about GBP 2750 for a MKV cylinder head.]
The manette however is common to all 36/7 SScars.
The SS Register inNZ is very active.
The car looks very nice.

(Rob Reilly) #20

Ok thanks, one of the many things one can’t pick up just from reading the history books.
BTW, looking in the '36-37 SPC, I was surprised to find the word “trunk” used, rather than “boot” or “dickey”.
Was that because previous models actually used a trunk, or was it the American influence creeping in. :laughing: