Ss Jaguar 1.5 1937 Saloon

(Kevin Thorpe) #21

Hi Chris I am located in Christchurch Woodend.
Good to know and will sus the group out.

(Graham Jordan) #22

Hi Kevin.
I can see you are excited about the car by the shakey photo. Looks good.
I also suggest the NZSS Register. Strong following.
Here is their email address. Alan and Marie Blundell. NZSS Co-ordinator
Also, as you are in Christchurch, you may not be too far from Monty Claxton. The previous Co-ordinator.
All the best with your SS.

(Kevin Thorpe) #23

Hi Graham
I have just sent an e-mail to them A bloke by the name of Don hawkes Spares/Technical. But will send another to Alan and Marie.
Thanks for the interest and the info.
Looks like they change CO-ordinator frequently, must be the stress.

Kind regards

(Pekka T.) #24


I agree, fully (even if the photo is a bit out of focus).