SS Jaguar 2.5 litre stub axles

I am rebuildng a 1937 SS Jaguar 2.5 litre from a pile of bits collected by the former (deceased) owner in the 1960’s.

I find I am missing the stub axles, has anyone any suggestions?

The 1937 2.5 litre stub axles continue unchanged in the all steel 2.5 and 3.5 litre SS cars and the MkIVs. That said your car uses slightly different hubs relative to the all steel cars.


Thanks for that info, I had thought the post war cars had different stub axles… am I right in thinking that they were made by Alford & Adler? (along with the axle beam) if this is the case is there any other manufacturer who used the same stub axles?


I don’t know but I think you are probably right. The beam axle is certainly Alford and Alder and that remained unchanged throughout the SS Jaguar sixes and MkIVs. Your car has a slightly narrower front track but this is where the different hubs come in. I think the AC two litre uses a very similar chassis to your car and probably the same front axle. In the dark recesses of my mind I think I remember that the axle was also used in a milk float!

There was a supplier of king pins/bushes who had a long standing stall near the start of Red field at Beaulieu. I suspect he would know of other vehicles using that axle. I’ll go and see if I can find his contact details. I think he is Vintage and Collectors Car Spares (John Davis) 01724 784230.

Standard 12 uses part 44345 axle and 44319/44320 stub axles.
Your car has axle 44464 and stubs 42673/42674.

Maybe my milk float reference relates to the small Standards???

Try Davenport Cars.


I suspect that you are thinking of . However, it looks as if he has now semi-retired, so I don’t know if the contact details are still accurate.
He used to have large stocks of kingpins, track rod ends, and gaskets, but I haven’t seen him now for several years.


Hi Denis, I think he phoned me earlier this year to ask about LED lighting. Although David may have retired I suspect Mark will still be running it.


David was there this morning when I spoke to him but he couldn’t answer any questions about parts and asked me to use the email contact on the site page. He said the people who handled parts were off on holiday.

John Davis is active. I bought some exhaust valves from him last Monday.


The early stubs have thick wall bushes whereas the later use thin wall, hence different part numbers, but with the appropriate king pin kit you can use later
MK 1V stubs.
With some machining series 1 Transit king pin kits can be used with the later stubs.

Thanks all, useful info, hopefully I will find something suitable now - will look for an Alford and Adler parts catalogue… I have bought things from John Davis in the past, going back to when he lived in Dunstable and his stand in Red field is/was near ours.

Morgan 4/4’s c.36/37 had back axles reputedly used in MiIlk floats, probably the same ones, we don’t understand the interchange of parts between vehicles the way USA does.

Can I use thick wall bushes in the post war stub axles, to me this would be preferable to boring the earlier axle eyes to take the bigger king pins


Hi Nigel,

If you have slackness in the axle eyes they will be oval so you will need to bore them unfortunately. You might be able to push in bushes in the axles eyes and retain standard sized king pins. I bought kits comprising new pins, stub axle bushes and the bottom thrust bearing and washers for the SS & MkIV sixes from John Davis. I haven’t been to Beaulieu for a few years but he may still do these kits.


Nigel the king pin holes are the same in pre and post war axles, but the holes in the early stubs are larger to accept the thick wall bushes.
Photo of a ‘37 pin and bush and a later steel backed bush.