SS Jaguar key fob

Early Jaguar key fobs seem to be commanding a premium price at the moment.
Is it known if there was ever a SS key fob? Any photos?
Regards Graham.

Found This Site:

Someone once gave me one of those key fobs. The sharp ends of the wings are guaranteed to cut a hole in your trouser pocket before any other make of fob.

Peter :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Hi JagGirlUS.

Thanks for your replies.

That seller is actually based here in Australia but the prices he wants for items is through the roof, like the key ring shown is A$1000, unfortunately.

Regards, Graham.


I think they were made as key blanks by a US distributor post war. I recall someone at JCNA had some. I h
These were just the badges, I would suggest someone with " initiative’ has mountd it on the key fob. What I can see of the leather section looks like the fob that was a Bryson’s one that came on a MK 8 I had years ago.
I note it is badged " Jaguar" [ in an incorrect font] not " SS Jaguar" as one would expect pre war.

May I offer the suggestion that to spend that kind of $$ on a key fob possibly indicates that you have been inhaling something hallucinogenic ?

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This very recent book by Morill Marston about Jaguar keys has been recommended by David:

How far do we believe key fobs go back?


Graham, I‘m aware the book recommendation would not answer your original question, to which I cannot offer insight. Still, for someone interested in the topic and not aware of the book, the reference might be of interest.

Well reading the sample pages, it appears th e bok only covers 1955 onwards, So not SS , although I note some of the samples bera an uncanny resemblence to the $1000 offering.
Its reference to samples being found in Australia , remind me that someone years ago in NSW bought all of Brysons old stock of jaguat keys. And I was able to buy NOS original FNR keys for my saloon.
I I would have thought that if Jaguar sold fobs they would have been included with other stras [ like tax disc holders and mascots ] in literature.
And to go back SS1s didn’t have coded ign switch keys, One key fitted all cars Pic attached

The Bud Marston book is superb, and focuses on the factory issued accessory offered with new Jaguars and as an over the counter spare part/accessory, first offered/available from 1955 as per books title. There may well have been some private issue earlier albeit I can’t recall off hand without checking book if anything is mentioned or not

These items are clearly an excellent investment and if anyone is wishing to take advantage of them I can offer this one with a 10% discount over the Australian quoted price.

Peter :upside_down_face:

I have one as well. Mine is slotted for an FNR lock, note the Mark V’s FNR key to its right, and is stamped FNR on the back, different from Peter’s.

I bought it here from a US based British parts vendor about 15-20 years ago for about $4.
My SS also has FNR keys.
Maybe there’s a niche market for a CNC machined SS fob?
But with two winged key offerings now, even at a 10% discount, the market appears to be flooded. :unamused: