SS Locking Door Handle

To send my RF door handle off for chrome plating, I have to remove the locking barrel. I see two drive pins in it. So do I have to punch out both pins?

It’s 30 years since I made my chrome strips. I silver soldered bosses and a modified plumbing fitting for the lock keeper. I think that the pin nearest to the lock will release it. The other pin just retains the shaft I think.


You were right. One pin out and I pulled out the lock barrel, had to use the key to pull it. Then the sliding dog came out through the square hole in the handle. The other longer pin held in the square shaft.

I don’t see any pins in the other 3 handles, so I suppose those square shafts won’t come out.

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You’ve probably checked the economics of buying new, Rob, but sometimes this is cheaper depending upon the added postage cost. Worcester Classic Spares stock these and I think they are the same for SS and IV.