SS, MKVI, MKV Olive Green

(Timothy M Fox) #1


Would anyone have a photo of the Olive Green used on SS, MKIV & MKV cars?

There are several photo’s of a very handsome car in Allan Crouch’s book, SS & Jaguar Cars, on pages 74 & 75. Is this Olive Green?



(Graham Jordan) #2

Hi Tim.
Olive green (2599) with beige interior was a combination available for 39-40 cars as that shown on page 74-75. Weather that car’s paint is actually Olive green I don’t know.
I am restoring an identical car with same colour combination. There is a colour chart for '39 showing this paint colour but as I don’t have this I have tried to match the paint to some existing original paint I found on the car.
On analysis it was very close to Landrover green. I have had the wire wheel rims painted and am happy with the colour so early next year the body will be seeing paint.
What I am yet to decide on is the interior trim colour as I don’t like beige. Another choice is suede green.
I do like combination of the Lavender Grey Mk IV DHC you showed and that certainly had me second guessing my choice but at that time I was set on doing mine in it’s original colours.

(Graham Jordan) #3

if you read this post and also have Alan’s book the body tag and chassis plate of my NZ assembled Mk V are on pg 143.
Also on looking at the combinations for my SS it would appear trim was also Olive green (as well as Beige) and not Suede green as I mentioned above.

(Timothy M Fox) #4

Hi Graham,

Thanks for the reply. Would you be able to post a photo or two of the painted wire wheels please?

I’m weighing up options as far as colours go. The Olive Green is very handsome and a colour with which I could live very happily. I’m not so certain that I can live with the Lavender Grey if the true colour turns out to be unpleasant. While it would be nice to reinstate the original colour scheme in the end the car has to be something you can be proud to drive.


(Peter Scott) #5

Hi Tim,

If you don’t like the idea of Lavender Grey wire wheels here’s another option of a Lavender Grey MkIV when it was brand new. It had ACE discs in Lavender Grey.


(Rob Reilly) #6

Ahh, yes, Graham, I had forgotten the Allan gives some information about CKD Mark Vs going in kit form to the 3 NZ dealers.

Is this Olive Green?

My '74 XJ12 in Fern Grey to me looked like an olive.

(Ed Nantes) #7

Although Ace discs are alot of work to repair , and to fit. I’m trying to decide whther AJV 854 has Ft 57 or FT 58s.

Olives come in a variety of colours. e.g black Kalamata olives, which might make my cars Olive Black : >)

(Timothy M Fox) #8

Hello Peter,

I like the wire wheels very much and wouldn’t cover them in the ACE Wheel Discs.

All I’m doing is trying to give myself an option in case the Lavender Grey is a colour with which I simply couldn’t live.

Olive Green with a Beige trim was offered as a ‘Special’ colour on two cars, according to Allan in his book. I’d be happy with that as it’s a colour which Jaguar offered and it looks very handsome.

Best wishes for the New Year.


(Timothy M Fox) #9

Ligurian Olive Black sounds closer to the colour of your car!:rofl:


(Graham Jordan) #10

I placed a colour card, Brunswick Green, I got from Bunnings in as a comparison.
Couldn’t believe how dark that made my rims look which I’m happy about.
As the knowledgeable may notice my rims have the spoke pattern of the post war Mk IV yet have the splined hub of the prewar.
Rusty rim is pre-war SS with pre-war spoke pattern.
Regards, Graham



(Timothy M Fox) #11

Hello Graham,

I like that colour very much! Thank you very much for posting the photo’s. I can’t wait to see it on the car.



(Ed Nantes) #12

I would have called the colour of the wheels, Maunsell Olive Green. { Southern Railways]

(Timothy M Fox) #13

Here is the car from Allan’s book.



(Timothy M Fox) #14

Yes, Ed.

I knew I liked it for some reason.:wink:

Better than SR Malachite Green!


(Peter Scott) #15

Hi Ed,

I’m pretty sure they were FT58s.