SS (or other?) Bumper Bars

(Peter Lloyd) #1

I am trying to identify some early bumper bars which I think could be SS and am asking if anyone can help to confirm. My reference books indicate they are similar to the SS saloons. The information I would like is:

  • overall length;
  • height;
  • position and type of holes;
  • type of mounting, eg, support bar or direct fixing;
  • crank handle guide;.
  • number plate attachment;
  • photos of outer and inner faces if possible;
  • details of the ends.
    This would be helpful for both front and rear bumpers. Any information appreciated and I would like to eventually sell.

(Ed Nantes) #2

Peter , there are numerous variations of SS bumper bars. It would take pages to show them all. It wold be easier if yatou posted pics of what you want identified. Generally the 6 cylinder cars [ and later 4 cylinder used the same basic bumper section. but some had cutouts for the crank handle guide, some didn’t, some had larger loops on the ends, and some had weights in them.
They were made I believe by Willmott Breedon who made them for many other British cars.
The only ones I can list exact details at this point fr are the SS100 bumper bars [ factory version] at least.


(Peter Lloyd) #3

Thanks Ed. I might be missing some message savvy stuff but how can I attach photos in my message? I can’t find anything that looks like an attachment function icon.


(Ed Nantes) #4

When you clickon reply it is the icon at the top with an arrow pointing upwards… fifth from the right …then follow the prompts.


(Peter Lloyd) #5

Hullo Ed,

Here are some pictures of what I have. Two are the same type and the other is a longer one with different mounting hole centres. The small turned ends seem to indicate it is prewar, but the car is unknown. If it is SS then I might be able to find someone who could use them.


(Peter Scott) #6

All the six cylinder SS Jaguars had the large diameter bumper ends with harmonic balancing weights in the ends on the front bumper. The one and half standard models had the small bumper ends like those in your photos and the Special Equipment one and halfs had the larger diameter ends but no balance weights.



(Ed Nantes) #7

Could number 3 be a n SS rear bumper. ther eappearstobe an outline of the hex badge, and it has the large hole for mounting it.

The holes further out presumably where over riders had been mounted on all of them.
Number 2 looks like it has a number plate bracket to one side. so probably a front. In USA it seemed comon to have the number plate offset. Which side would that have been on ?
The brackets on the backof the2 top bumpers look lke 1 1/2 litre possibly.


(Rob Reilly) #8

That occurred to me as well. It appears to be a clamp-on bracket that can slide around wherever it was wanted, so likely a common fitting or even aftermarket item made to fit many car bumpers. I thought of the Model A Ford which had something similar. Some jurisdictions did and some did not require a front plate in earlier times.