SS Vent Windows

The vent windows are held in place by these brass frames tucked in to the doors.

It doesn’t look to me like they ever had any chrome on them.
Is that right?

The window frames are chromed.
I had a time getting the glass out of them, 85 year old hard rubber, tried a razor blade and a very sharp knife, wasn’t getting anywhere, until I realized I could get a screwdriver into the end gaps between the glass and chrome and gently pry them apart. The chrome frame is flexible enough if you do it gently.

The glass is marked TOUGHENED and some other half faded words …LT TITE.

The posts are held by 2 screws but I couldn’t get them loose, so I’ll see if the plater can work with them as they are.

Yes, the frames were always bare.


This is a long shot suggestion Rob, but does the half faded wording actually say GILT EDGE as well as TOUGHENED on the glass. Here is a photo of an SS Vent window I took in the UK when I was comparing it to my MK IV:

Yep, that’s it. Gilt Edge. It’s on all 4 door windows and the rear window.

The front windshield is Triplex.

I don’t know and couldn’t find a decoding for all the marks here, but I’m pretty sure the 55 means it was made in 1955.
The 2 dots above the E in TRIPLEX might indicate the month or quarter.
The heart means British Vehicular Safety with the letters BVS arranged artistically.
If anyone knows what some of the other marks mean, I would love to hear it.

Grace’s Guide says Gilt Edge Safety Glass of Staffordshire was a subsidiary of Lancegaye Safety Glass of Wembley, until Lancegaye was taken over by Triplex Safety Glass in 1939.