SS wheel centres

Does any one know of a supplier of SS [52mm] wheel centres. Not the post war type. I’ve looked at MWs website and all of theirs shown are post war style
They have been made opreviously as I bought a new one about 20 years ago, Looked like it had been NC machined from solid. Worked well though all that time.
But can’t find anything on google.

Don’t you have a team that is capable of that kind of fabrication?

You’ve made mention of many bits “we” have made: not a challenge, just was under the impression you had sources in Oz.


Do you have photos of pre and post war wheel centres.

I was given a box of four wheel centres, but don’t know what they are except ‘old Jaguar’


Paul Yes I’m sure anything is possible but a large part of the cost is setting up and if someone is already making them it will be easier and cheaper to buy them
Attached pics of the 2 types of wheel centres [ and the different lacing patterns

This above is an SS wheel

And this above is a MK IV wheel
They are both 60 spoke

Sorry ED,

Just checked.

Looks like mine are Mark IV 52mm 60-spoke – probably as expected.

But there is five of them, all look to be exc condition wheel centres only.


Can’t help: all I have is one modern curly hub.