SS100 2 1/2 in Bring a Trailer

There is a bright blue/red SS100 for auction on Bring A Trailer. Many $ spent on restoration with some over the top like chrome wheels and red seats with red piping. Also quite a lot non authentic like P100’s, late fuel pumps and carbs, etc. But still fun to watch and read the comments. Dave

It’s chassis 18097.

There’s quite a lot of good in that car. But whoever created the “replacement” crankcase vent casting couldn’t spell Tecalemit correctly.


First time I have heard of copper brake drums? Anybody have a co-efficiency of expansion compared to the cast iron drums?

Copper is 16 to 16.7 x 10E-6 mm per mm per degree C
Cast iron is 10.6 x 10E-6 mm / mm deg C
So you heat up the brakes by about 80C, hot enough to boil the brake fluid (yes, it has hydraulic brakes) and the 14" drums would expand .059" in circumference.
Yeah, I can’t imagine any fool making brake drums out of copper.

Don’t worry, it looks like the copper is just a silly cover; there a cast iron drum under it.
Are those 3-1/2 L exhaust manifolds on a 2-1/2L?
I suppose single exhaust is right for a '37; Allan Crouch says dual exhaust came in '38.
Pity about the breather cover, as there ought to be enough of those around used.

Ed Nantes would have plenty to say about this one. I miss his contributions to this forum. Anybody heard from him lately?

f you want the absolute ‘bible’ on SS100 originality, you should seek out John Clucas’ (then of Melbourne) book simply titled - 39080 A Guide to SS100 Restoration. And yes Rob, Ed Nantes was a very valued contributor, as were other local experts…

This was a private very limited publication, and only available direct from John - if you want his contact details ask me privately - but goes into originality detail on every aspect of SS100 2-1/2 and 3-1/2 litre, albeit the core of the book his 100% authentic restoration efforts on his 3-1/2 litre 39080…

This book is very much on my library top-shelf, of only a handful of books, that I attribute such status…

More copper coated as its the inside surface as well.

Is the red color of the engine original? The engine of my MK V, 1950, 2.5 is also red. Could it be that Jaguar also delivered vehicles with red painted engines? I cleaned my engine very thoroughly, I couldn’t find any black paint residue in the furthest corner of the water pump. I am of the opinion that this engine has always been painted red.
Engine number H 2794
Chassis number 520782

Greetings from Switzerland

I would say red is not original, but seems to have been quite often used in the old days when an engine was rebuilt. I have seen a Mark V 3.5L and an XK140 engine block that were painted red over the original black. C-Type cylinder heads, MG and Chevy engines were red, which perhaps added to the popularity of the color at the time.
Now it is commonly used by ignorant restorers or those who want to add some more bling to bump up the auction price.

I’m definitely going to paint it black

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My experience with a number of original MK IV and Vs always had black painted engines. Maybe red makes them go faster?

18097 has been withdrawn from the BAT auction.
Too many negative comments apparently.