SS100 at Gooding auction

Chassis number 18051 is coming up for sale.

Ouch! I’m going to cry.

In 1985 I drove and wanted to buy a 1932 SS100 coupe for … $10,000 … a beautiful original condition car from Argentina … but I was going through a nasty divorce and didn’t have 10 grand for it (ex-wife was grabbing everything, I got out with my work van, tools, and my 67 E-Type 2+2).

It was this model.


Sorry, but there is no such thing.

That is an SS1 Coupé, nowadays worth $80.000-$120.000 roughly depending on condition.

All SS100’s are from 1936 to 1940 and they are all Open Two Seaters, except ONE coupé made in 1939. The OTS’s are worth $300.000-$800.000 and the one and only coupé has been for sale, the owner asking for millions of £ GBP.


My memory error of the year: 1936

Which … if you noticed … is the one I posted a photo of.

Now that is quite particularly strange!

For some reason, when I do a Google search, the very few coupes I find which look like the one I actually, physically, drove, for about 20-30 minutes around Gainesville FL on 1985 (so it was not a figment of my imagination) … those searches for that exact particular car and body style as the photo … state they are 1936.

Someone, somewhere, has incorrect information on their cars.

I will restate it to accommodate your correction of the year … THAT Jaguar SS 100 (or whatever it may have been - see photo I posted) was (information from the owner) brought up from Argentina, in was unrestored original condition, and was excellent condition.

Jerry, the picture you posted is of an SS1 coupe, not an SS100.
They were the company’s standard model from about 1931-35, in both 4 seat coupe and 4 seat open tourer body types.
Also a fine car, but not in the price range of the SS100 roadsters.


Rob, I stand corrected. 1932 SS1, I had the year correct, then two extra zeros after the 1. Thank you.

And now I will need to replace my memory with “SS1” and delete “SS100”.

I searched for a photo of the car I drove and found this a while ago, this week, earlier today, and just now too;

Note to self: SS1 scratch SS100 from memory.

Recommend you keep a little card in your wallet with your home address on it… :slight_smile:


Paul, seems I had everything correct except the “00” after the SS1 …

I would have been on the right street, but I would have gone into the wrong house.

Doing that in this day and age could get me shot through the front door.

I’ll need to get a card which says:

Don’t Shoot!
Tell me I’m at the wrong house.
Then point me to my house at this address …

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The car in the photo you posted, regardless of what the title says, looks like an SS1 coupé made in 1932 or 1933. The model continued with revised technique and looks up to 1934 and 1935. Not after that. Once the SS Jaguar was announced in September 1935 only the Open Tourer continued in production of the SS1 models. It was also called SS Jaguar Open Tourer as it had the then new 2.7L OHV engine.

None of those are even remotely close to an SS100 or an SS90.



It has been addressed and agreed that the car was a 1932 SS1 … regardless of photos on the internet referring to it as an SS100 …

“If it’s on the internet … it’s got to be true” … nope. :grimacing: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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