SS100 engine removal. Happy Fourth!

Our best friends, Rich and Diana Foster are here for the weekend, so of course Rich and I had to do a project. Rich has owned #39080 for 20 years, and you may recall that #39064 is my rather long term retirement project. Rich and I have removed and installed maybe 10 XK engines over the years, and we would have listed an XK150 on the tough ones. Now we will add the SS100. It didn’t help that the body has settled about an inch over the years and I wanted to leave it in place so I can reset everything as a body assembly. image The block was replaced with a Mark V block in 1962 in Holland, and there is a 50/50 mix of BSF and metric hardware all over the car, so we were constantly grappling the “wrong” wrench. Actually, it only took 4 hours. Happy 4th of July!image


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