SS100 Headlight Lens Restoration

Here is a bit of restoration work I did on my wife’s dining room table.
I bought a 1/18th scale Burago SS100 at an antique shop. It was missing a headlight lens.

Rooting through cheap costume jewelry, I found two ear rings with jewels about the right size. They are faceted clear plastic with silver paint on the back.
Here it is with headlights removed, the remaining original lens removed, and the two earrings with one jewel removed.

The jewels were a little bit too large to fit. Filing around the edge to get it to fit.

Glued in place with Testor’s needle point dispenser. No, I did not drip on the table or the quilt.

Restoration done. I think it looks more real than the originals.


very nice

I wish CMC would make some SS models , or at least jaguar .