Stability control

Dash warning light.
A word to the wise here , some time ago I had the same warning light on the dash re stability control flashing up fairly regular.
After I turned off and restarted , no msg ! A short while later up it would come again .
Before cleaning all the wheel sensors & inspecting the wiring etc , I decided to check the
Battery fitted prior to my purchase & found the culprit in a woefully inadequate amperage.
Once a decent battery was fitted no more dash warning lights .
Turns out the previous owner had it fitted in order to sell it , in the 8 years I’ve had the 2.5 v6 classic premium never failed an MOT an runs like a dream . the Boss said to me " that awd will cost you a fortune WHEN it breaks down".
Since then he has had two mercs (rear diff issues on both ) three range rovers all needed new clutch or turbos replacing . guess that’s the way it goes.
My xtype will take some beating , great car.