Stainless screen channels in your xj6 series 3

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I have had Jaguars for 40 years and quite a few xj6s . I have recently tackled the dreaded series 3 window screen corrosion. Which has an inherent design fault being the first bonded screen on a jaguar model,
Problem being any water ingress that passes the seal will result in a continual corrosion effect in the recess vee channel in which the screen sits.
Quite a lot of options were considered. In the end, I decided to cut out the completely bottom vee on the front and rear screens,and repair the corrosion below the screen valances . Made a new stainless steel vee channels to eliminate any chance of corrosion ,I shaped and manipulated with a shrink and stretcher machine , decided to tack , spot weld and weld in with a tig welder for local heat and low sparks , using a sheet metal plate and a fire blanket to protect all below if you use stainless wire it will weld s/s to mild steel . Metal finished all the welds with a small air sander very pleased with the outcome.

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That is Magnificent!

Very nicely done!