Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifolds AJ16

New to this forum but not to jags being on my 10th

Some members here might recognise these manifolds… they are what I’m having made… first 50

No they don’t have cats yet…

Will be available around March 2021!

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Considering the frequency with which the originals crack, I think you’ll sell some! Good luck. -John

Looks gorgeous! And will definitely end the cracking issues.

But, without the cats, the OBD2 computer is going to throw a hissy-fit.

Looks interesting. Here in Germany I would need the cats though. Wich probably will make the headers rather expensive.
What is the expected prices as they are now?

Hi everyone … sorry for delay but all response notifications went to junk mail which I have just found

No they don’t have cats yet but as a simple diy, an eBay 200 cell single sport cat will be an easy add on just after the 2:1 collector

I will work on incorporating a pair of cats in the oem position when I do another production run… it will put the price up but not by much

As they are £599 plus post

Air injection ports? California emisions?

Hi David, looks very nice.
At the moment I’m thinking about making an exhaust like this by myself, but when I saw this one… an the price is also acceptable.
I have a XJR Engine in a XJ Series 2 and there it would be nice to have this one.
But I only need the exhaust manifold, without the downpipe an the short seperate pipe.
Can you contact me via Mail at:
Would be great to hear from you

King regards

Hi David, the manifold looks very nice and I`d be interested as well. Is there any update as to its availability?

Excellent work. 1996 Jaguar xjs 2+2 AJ16. Are these available for purchase now? I saw where you said they would be available March 2021

Made my own Exhaust Manifold now…


Great work! So where do the rest of us place our orders???

my brand will be available in a few weeks now…for AJ6 and AJ16

Now wait … this is the first I have heard of our (facelift) exhaust manifolds/downpipes having a “cracking” issue … wth??? :open_mouth: I have owned 3 facelift XJSes and an X-300 (all 100K+ miles) and never saw any signs of same, or was I overlooking something ? :confused: