Stalling at the first stop/redlight

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I have at least 2 cars where the engine stalls when I roll, in neutral, towards a STOP or red light. It only happens when the engine is cold, but after a good 5 mins of idling, which doesn´t get the water temp gage going, let alone the oil temp.
Should I adjust something, or it it just something to live with…?
I disengage the AED after about 10 secs, by turning the ign key off and on. Some cars take a bit longer to accept the turn off, andmost don´t stall at the first couple of stops.
These cars have a lot of character😊

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I read the title and was going to suggest you just run the first stop sign or red light. Problem solved. :smile:

What you described sounds like a carb adjustment issue. It would probably be helpful to know what kind of cars you are talking about.

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Have you tried keeping the AED going until you are past the first traffic light seems worth a try.

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I agree with John, definitely sounds like a carbs adjustment issue. What do the spark plugs look like after you have run the car?

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well…yes…carb…but…two points to make: 1. carbs should of course be correctly set/tuned for normal operation temp. Once warm do the cars in question run perfectly, carbs well tuned, idle correctly set, timing correct etc. …and no stall once fully warm. if so good, but if not…correct that first. 2. the engine needs to be warmed up enough so that the water thru the intake manifold is warm enough, until that point the AED helps create a better fuel/air mix for cold operation. Warm it up longer…see if that fixes the stall. And…install a wire/dash switch to turn off the AED rather than the key off on flick.

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If the main cabs are adjusted correctly
the car will not run properly until it is up to temperature. When I
rebuild Otter switches I set them to shut off at 60

Degrees C. Manually shutting your
starting carb off after 10 seconds defeats its purpose, which is to enrich the mixture
until the engine warms up.

Mike Eck

New Jersey, USA

'51 XK120 OTS, '62 3.8 MK2 MOD, '72 SIII E-Type 2+2

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Thanks as always guys. To summarize, yes, everything under Nickś point 1 apply, and all plugs look perfect. Itś just me trying to avoid running too long on too rich a mixture. And some cars take much longer to warm up sufficiently to avoid a stall when rolling, in neutral towards a stop.
At one of my garages there is a redlight, on a steep uphill road, to get access to the main road. That can cause cars to stall when trying to move forward, even though idling while waiting for green is no problem.

And this is after idling/warming out for 3-4 min without the AED(boreflush).

Just annoying. CO level are set around 5-6,5 or so.

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