Stant thermostat number 180F

(Larry Trom) #1

In taking the run today, I realized I must have a 160F stat in. I probably put that in because I was running warm before I put an electric fan in some years back. Does anyone have the Stant part number for the 180F unit for a series one 4.2? Would rather not rely on what the local parts store may come up with.

(Terry Sturgeon) #2

Hi Larry - most don’t use a Stant thermostat because it’s wrong for the car. The one for the 4.2’s is below. At SNG it’s part number C3731/1

(W. Schuster) #3

After my thermostat failed once, in that it got stuck in the closed position and almost
overheated I would not go without putting a FAILSAFE thermostat in.
It will not get stuck in the closed position.
I have one at 190F

(Larry Trom) #4

Terry, do you know the purpose of the deep body? Reminds me a bit of a blanking sleeve if one was to remove the thermostat entirely, but that obviously isn’t the case.

(Terry Sturgeon) #5

The sleeve moves backwards with the center section when it opens with the heat, and blanks off the slit that is the water bypass to the water pump when cold. In other words it stops water from recirculating through the block, instead of the radiator when hot.

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(Larry Trom) #6

Ok, thanks. I kind of thought something along that line, but didn’t realize it actually moves. Funny none of the other suppliers provide that type.

(Terry Sturgeon) #7

Yeh – I think they are custom made – judging by the price.

(W. Schuster) #8

Ask for a FAIL SAFE 190F, from the store.

(Michael Frank) #9

A 190F would require a change to the fan switch, unless you want your fans running all the time. Nor do generic thermostats have the bypass sleeve.