Start into the new Season…

This is often about problems with the car and that’s why I’m starting this here.
It should be a relaxed topic.

I read and see more and more often that people are tinkering, screwing, refining, optimizing and cleaning.
I think that’s really cool because you realize that the season is about to start again and everyone wants to get off to the best possible start with their garage gold.
I also like people who have the same hobby and are enthusiastic about something.

So if you want, you can reveal how you start the season, what do you do beforehand and, above all, what’s on your mind right now?
Final touches?

My project, for example, is coming to an end.
The old hose clamps were replaced, insulation, rims, exhaust covers, new alternator, 2 missing seals in the engine compartment were installed, a new fuel filter, then a few cables were discreetly hidden and copper washers were replaced.
Now all I need is a fastening of the valve cover.
Then Willain (the white villain) and I are ready for the coming season and you?

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Southern hemisphere, temperate climate, no snow, no salt (apart from the sea air) car never gets winterised.:innocent::smiling_imp:

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Never happens, but I try to keep the car moving year round. That means salt, and rain but not snow - no winter tyres and I do like ABS and limited slip. I am back working on the o/d gearbox which has a few issues yet to be resolved. And I’d like to go through the valve lash and reseal the covers which have started to leak rather badly. And a few other items… but it runs great, and I’m happy.

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