Started something

(Raccoonman) #1

Having lost my project Rambler, I decided to make something out of the pile of XJ6 parts I had just gathering dust…KIMG0079

(Paul Wigton) #2

What will it be bodied with?

(Peter Jan Rusch) #3

I would at least advice to weld in a X crosmember, this way it will flex way to much.

Peter Jan

(Lovell) #4

You didn’t just pick a wheelbase out of the air. What body do you plan on emulating?

In 'glass or metal?

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #5

I like projects. I have 7 Jaguars. But I have to say this is a bit more than even I’d take on. Keep us in the loop!


(Raccoonman) #6

Some progress from this weekend; got the engine and trans mounted. Gonna have to burn up a couple of grinding wheels to clean up and redo some welds I don’t particularly like

(Raccoonman) #7

I’m planning on an open tourer, steel.

(Raccoonman) #8

I want to emulate a Blower Bentley but not too closely

(Lovell) #9

You plan on mounting the blower so it’s coupled to the crank?

You might want to go to FB and friend GeorgDonni, you’ll see why.

You also may want to find some hubs that allow wire wheels, as the width and the small diameter are a dead giveaway to the era, plus styling compromises you probably won’t want to make are involved.

Look for 16". The 18" wheels liable to be too expensive or questionable used. Model A’s had a good sturdy wheel on the second gen cars and the bolt pattern likely to have an adapter. Not sure of offset with your current brake though.

PM me if needed.

(Raccoonman) #10

No… no blower, not even a fake one. Just emulating the design, actually, and it may end up looking more like a Ford A when it’s all said and done. longer hood, of course. Gonna steal as many design elements as will go together smoothly as I can. Maybe next year a set of Dayton wires, but not setting anything like that in stone yet.

(Raccoonman) #11

Small progress last night, added uprights to the rear of the chassis. Good thing I have plenty of rock wheels to smooth those welds…

(Raccoonman) #12

Thanks to the Friday flooding, the weekend was nearly a bust due to the slop and slime but I did manage to build and booger weld on my cowl mounts. They may seem high and wide but I have practical reasons for that. The Cowl is going to be heavy and have the steering column, brake master and pedal, and sundry other systems mounted on it, so it’s gonna have more mounting area.


(Raccoonman) #13

Wrong thread! Much progress made since last post.

(Raccoonman) #14

That chassis and cowl has been dismantled and I’m going along a different route now. Several serious mistakes were made during the build and they added up to sub-standard safety situations and an overall fit of frustration with my lack of skills. That said; there is life in this project and I intend to follow it through to a more harmonious outcome. No more using just any old scrap steel that falls to hand!

(Paul Wigton) #15

THAT, my fabricating friend, is how one improves one’s skills!!

Carry on!!!

(Raccoonman) #16

Started over this weekend with two new rails. Got 100" wheelbase and straight flat rail from back edge of front wheels to the kickup in front of the cage. No funky angles to work around. All kinds of bodies possible. Engine could be put back over the front wheels or set back almost 36" if I wanted. Not going to go that extreme, I don’t think.

(Raccoonman) #17

Promised some pics; here ya go

(Rob Reilly) #18

Your contraption is starting to look like an XK120.

(Raccoonman) #19

Right at 100" wheelbase and my engine/trans can be cut loose from the frame in fifteen minutes or less if the frame was to be put under anything else. Not firmly decided on ANY kind of specific body yet.

(Paul Wigton) #20

That close a couple?

I can see it becoming an Invicta!