Starter/Auxillary carb leak

Fuel is gushing out of the starter carb, and I don’t know why. :slight_smile:

I have a triple carb set up from a MkX. I rebuilt them 1 by 1 and made sure all parts went back together as intended. There was no kit for the starter carb, so I just cleaned and reassembled it, although I don’t think I took it completely apart for that reason.

I’ve hooked the system up to a little fuel pump with appropriate pressure for carbs. I solved a small leak in the front carb (missed a gasket) and no leaks anywhere else. Turned on the pump again and now the starter carb is gushing fuel, almost like a fountain. I’ve circled the area where the fuel is coming from. None of the diagrams or pictures of this area are very clear, but it does not look like it’s supposed to be capped. They look like some sort of vent. What am I missing? Stuck valves maybe?

There is a high level of fuel in the float bowl that is attached to that carb. That can be caused by several things, including a sunk float, a bad needle valve, or the vent tube not working properly. Make sure the serrated washer is below the vent banjo and the tube is clear.

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I’ll need to check those. The float and needle were new and I blew out the vent line before assembly… but there’s always room for error!

I took the float chamber apart on the front carb and confirmed it all was working correctly, reassembled it, and the starter carb was no longer leaking. Gremlins.

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